MyMacca’s app updated to add drive-thru convenience

It’s already possible to do a Macca’s run from your smartphone but the MyMacca’s app has been improved to allow customers to now pre-order their meal and pick it up in the drive-thru.

Customers can use the app to pre-order and pay for their meal before jumping in their car and collected without getting out of the vehicle.

The recently launched MyMacca’s app made it possible to order your McDonald’s meal on your smart phone and pick it up and pay for it at your nearest location.

Users could save their favourite meals and receive exclusive offers as well as taking part in the McCafé loyalty program.

The app can help find your nearest and most convenient McDonald’s restaurant using the built-in locator.

This latest feature means customers can order their meal and choose to either walking to the restaurant to collect it or via the drive-thru.

The app is the latest innovation from McDonald’s following the introduction of digital menu boards, digital self-order kiosks and McCafé drive-thru.

“Since the successful launch of MyMacca’s in-restaurant last month, we know our customers really like the benefit of pre-ordering and then checking in to pick up their Macca’s meals, extending this to drive-thru was always the plan in taking convenience to the next level with a fast, easy and enjoyable experience,” said Mark Wheeler, Director of Digital of McDonald’s Australia.

The MyMacca’s app is available now for iPhones and Android smartphones.

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