Apple launches legal action to ban Samsung Galaxy S III in US

Apple has launched legal action to ban the Samsung Galaxy S III from going on sale in the US, citing alleged patent infringements.

The Samsung Galaxy S III was launched with much fanfare in Australia, Asia and Europe last week and has reportedly been selling well.

The Galaxy S III was set for a June 21 launch across the US.

Apple filed its action through the US District Court alleging infringement on two of the California company’s patents.

Tech Guide understands one of the patents is linked to the voice recognition software used by the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The iPhone 4S, which went on sale in October last year, was the first to feature Siri – a voice activated digital assistant.

Tech Guide’s review of the Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung will vigorously defend the court action undertaken by Apple and, in a statement, said it “will demonstrate to the court the Galaxy S III is innovative and distinctive”.

Samsung’s new handset has a larger screen, faster processor and thinner design than the iPhone 4S and boasts a number of features not seen on the Apple device.

This is not the first time the two companies have locked horns in the courtroom.

Last year in Australia, Apple launched court action against Samsung to block the sale of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet which was eventually turned over.

Apple’s legal action in the US could threatens to hamper Samsung’s efforts to get a jump on the smartphone market before imminent release of the new iPhone.

The latest iPhone could be revealed as early as next week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco where three of the last iPhone’s have been unveiled.

Earlier this year, Samsung took over from Nokia as the world’s largest mobile manufacturer and is also the market leader in smartphones ahead of Apple.

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