Amazon releases Echo Link and Echo Link Amp to connect your hi-fi system to Alexa

Amazon has just released the Echo Link and the Echo Link Amp in Australia which are designed for music lovers to connect their hi-fi systems to Alexa and enjoy all the smart features that come with it.

Echo Link ($299) can upgrade your existing high fidelity stereo system to allow it to stream music and access the Alexa voice assistant.

The device has inputs and outputs which are compatible with existing digital and analog audio equipment so you can still enjoy music from your favourite source on your system or a streaming audio service.

It’s also possible to connect Echo Link to your stereo and group other Echo devices to create a multiroom system to play music throughout your home.

The Echo Link

Users can now simply say “Alexa, play music in the living room” so you can hear your favourite streaming audio on your existing stereo system.

Echo Link Amp ($459) has all the capabilities of the Echo Link but adds a two channel 60W Class D amplifier for those customers who have speakers but not a dedicated amplifier.

The Echo Link Amp

With the Echo Link Amp, it’s possible to connect your speakers whether they are floor standing, bookshelf, tower, in-wall, in-ceiling and even outdoor speakers.

The Echo Link Amp allows you to play your music from your favourite source through the stereo system you already love.

Customers with serious audio systems will be glad to hear the Echo Link Amp are designed to fit inside an audio rack beside their existing equipment.

The Echo Link Amp

Both Echo Link and Echo Link Amp can also be controlled through the Alexa app or through another mic-enabled Echo device on your account on your home network.

Echo Link and Echo Link Amp are available now through and are priced at $299 and $459 respectively.

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