Jura Z10 is the world’s first automated machine for hot and cold coffee drinks

Jura has released the world’s first fully-automated coffee machine – the Jura Z10 – that can create both hot and cold brews. Cold coffee brews are popular among Australians with 80 per cent drinking one at least once a week.

This new Jura machine will be released in August and features an ultra-fast automatic PRG (product recognising grinder) for hot and cold brew speciality coffees and works with the innovative Cold Extraction Process.

At the press of a button the machine, the Jura Z10 machine can automatically prepare a full range of hot drinks whether it’s a shot of espresso, a cappuccino, flat white or latte.

But there are also a host of other choices for cold coffee drinks.

The PRG can recognise the chosen drink and adjust the fineness of the grind to achieve the best result.

In the Cold Extraction Process cold water is slowly pulsed through the freshly ground coffee under high pressure.

The 8th generation brewing unit uses a unique 3D brewing technology so water can flow evenly through the ground coffee at multiple levels to bring out the aroma in both hot and cold drinks.

Key features of the Jura Z10:

– 32 coffee specialities

– The 8th-generation brewing unit with 3D brewing technology for the ultimate aroma experience

– Cold brew speciality coffees at the touch of a button thanks to the innovative Cold Extraction Process

– 3D brewing technology for the ultimate aroma experience

– Double-speed 4.3-inch touch display and the Blue Crystal Rotary Switch.

– Speciality Selection menu and artificial intelligence making it exceptionally easy and intuitive to use.

– Energy Save Mode and a programmable switch-off time

– One Touch milk system cleaning

– High-quality all-round design with convex-concave front panel, water tank in wave design and beautifully finished details

The Jura Z10 will go on sale in August 2021 and will priced at $4,150

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