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Turn your old gadgets into cash with Tech Guide Trade Ins


Tech Guide has introduced a new feature to the re-designed site – Tech Guide Trade Ins – which is an easy way to convert your old devices to cash.

Created in partnership with Alegre, Tech Guide Trade Ins makes it possible for you to sell your unwanted phones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles and more.

Once you click through to Tech Guide Trade Ins from the Tech Guide site you can choose the type of device you have, the brand and then the model.

Then simply fill in the check boxes to describe the device’s condition and whether you have the original charger and box.

Once you’ve done that, click the Get Your Offer button and a value will be presented.


If you accept the offer you’ll be taken through to your cart and you’ll receive either a Free-Post shipping label that you can print out or you can choose to be sent a Free-Post satchel so you can send in your device or devices.

When the items arrive at the Tech Guide Trade Ins facility you will receive an email notification before the products are inspected.

If there is any data on the devices they will be wiped. And once the inspection is completed you will be notified by email again and then payment will be made.

The whole process takes about four or five days.

If you are looking to upgrade your devices, now there is a way you can easily offset the price of the new product purchase by trading in the old one quickly and easily.

With Tech Guide Trade Ins there are no fees and the postage is free.

And even if you have older devices that are taking up space in your home and not worth anything to trade, Tech Guide Trade Ins will still take them off your hands for free and recycle them responsibly so they don’t end up in landfill.