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Consumer Electronics Show shifts from a physical event to digital experience in 2021


The Consumer Electronics Show – the world’s biggest tech trade show held every January in Las Vegas – will not go ahead in its traditional form and instead will become an all-digital experience.

For 53 years CES has been the event where the world’s biggest consumer technology products including the VCR (1970), Compact Disc Player (1981), DVD (1995), Plasma TV (2001), Xbox (2001), Blu-ray and HD DVD (2003), OLED TV (2008) and 4K UHD (2012).

Each year CES is attended by hundreds of thousands of people including industry figures, media, analysts and retailers from around the world.

The Consumer Technology Association said the new format will allow participants to hear about the latest products from the world’s biggest technology companies and still be able to engage with the world’s biggest brands.

“Amid the pandemic and growing global health concerns about the spread of COVID-19, it’s just not possible to safely convene tens of thousands of people in Las Vegas in early January 2021 to meet and do business in person,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA.

“Technology helps us all work, learn and connect during the pandemic — and that innovation will also help us reimagine CES 2021 and bring together the tech community in a meaningful way.

“By shifting to an all-digital platform for 2021, we can deliver a unique experience that helps our exhibitors connect with existing and new audiences.”

The CTA is planning to welcome back attendees in person in Las Vegas for CES 2022.

Here is what the digital CES 2021 will offer virtual attendees:

– Media events. Hear from the world’s leading brands at exclusive digital press events.

– Product showcase. Explore products and services, based on your interests, through dynamic product showcases and live demos.

– Keynotes and conferences. Enjoy a front-row seat for ground-breaking announcements and insights from the world’s tech leaders.

– Meetings and networking. Engage with the brands and thought leaders your audience cares about.

Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech has attended CES since January 2005 and CES 2021 will be the first time he won’t be in January for the event.

Tech Guide will still be a virtual attendee for CES 2021 and will bring you all the latest announcements every day during the show which will kick off online on January 6, 2021.