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GoPro introduces new mounts and a backpack for its action cameras


GoPro action cameras are still all the rage and one of the reasons is the many ways they can be mounted or worn. Today GoPro has released even more ways for users to position their cameras.

There are two new bike mounts and a backpack with built-in mounts.

The redesigned Pro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole mount is a compact unit that can be positioned in several places on your bike.

The rotational platform allows you to capture more angles and perspectives than the old fixed mounts and can fit on posts, poles and other fixtures from 22.2mm to 35mm in diameter.



The Pro Seat Rail mount is lightweight and fits perfectly under a bike’s saddle to film behind you as your riding.

The Seeker backpack is designed by GoPro and designed for users with lightweight and weatherproof materials.



There are several compartments so you can easily carry all of your equipment while still carrying on whatever you’re doing.

Inside there is also protective storage with enough room to store up to five GoPros with waterproof housings along with mounts and other accessories.



Three wearable mounts are positioned around the Seeker backpack – a chest mount, a removable shoulder strap mount and a three-way side mount.

The new GoPro mounts are available now and priced at $64.95 (Pro Seat Rail mount), $94.95 (Pro Handlebar/Seatpost/Pole mount) while the Seeker backpack will cost $259.95.