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ParcSlope makes working on your laptop and tablet easier – and more comfortable


Working from home during the COVID pandemic has forced people to create a comfortable workspace and one product that can help is ParcSlope from Twelve South which makes using laptops and tablets even better.

ParcSlope is a dual purpose one-piece metal stand that can elevate laptop screens to more comfortable viewing height and can position iPads and other tablets at a better angle.

When used with a laptop it not only offers a better height for the screen but also puts the keyboard at an angle which makes reaching all the keys even easier.

You can also use an external keyboard if you’d like to move the screen further away to create more room to move and space on your desk.

The ParcSlope’s 18-degree angle is ideal for working on your iPad or tablet.

At this angle it’s easy to type because it’s still low to the desk.

But we don’t just type on our tablets.

ParcSlope also creates a comfortable angle for drawing, writing and sketching with a similar feel to a drafting table.

The ParcSlope can position the iPad or tablet in landscape and portrait mode.

There’s a small notch on the front of the stand which holds the laptop and tablet securely in place without slipping.

And there’s also plenty of space to manage your cables and place your external drives, dongles and hubs.

The ParcSlope from Twelve South is available now and is priced at $89.95.