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Skydivers capture mid-air plane crash with their Go Pro cameras


goprocrashthumb2Skydivers wearing Go Pro action cameras have managed to capture several angles of a terrifying mid-air collision between two planes in the US last month.

The extraordinary footage was captured from different skydivers wearing their Go Pros on their helmets before they started their jump.

As the plane with the Go Pro-equipped skydivers was getting into position above Superior, Wisconsin another plane full of skydivers crashes into them from below.

The videos clearly show a fire ball erupt and a wing being ripped off one of the planes before they began their crash dive to the ground.

The fire ball erupts after the planes collide over Superior, Wisconsin

The plane's wing is torn off

The crashed planes spiral to the ground ablaze

The skydivers got several views of the crash with their helmet-mounted Go Pro cameras

The skydivers all jumped for their lives, including both pilots, but not before they captured their own frightening views of the accident with their high definition Go Pro cameras.

Astonishingly everybody survived the crash, including the two pilots who were also equipped with their own parachutes.

The Go Pro camera is a small durable camera capable of capturing high definition video.

There are numerous accessories includes mounts to position the camera on a helmet, on your chest, on your bike’s handlebars, on a windscreen and just about anywhere along with waterproof housings so you can also take it into the surf and underwater.

The new Go Pro Hero 3+ Edition

Recently the Go Pro Hero 3+ Edition was released which is 20 per cent smaller and lighter and with a 30 per cent improvement on battery life.

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