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Hewlett’s Hues – Why HP is a printer brand you can trust


At this point in technology’s evolution, just about everyone has had to hit the print icon on their computer at least once in their lifetime. Whether a student, professional, or home printer owner, we have all had the misfortune of printing a document, large or small, only to have the contraption jam up, or worse yet, run out of ink. Because printers are constantly used throughout the day, they get tired and want to rest, and jamming is their way of speaking this fact to us.

However, when facing a deadline, no one wants to hear about a printer, or copier for that matter, that has chosen to shut down when you most need it. That is why many opt for HP printers that come with cartridges bearing the same name. The brand and the HP printer cartridges that come with it are a reliable household name, trusted by everyone from business owners to homemakers for the last number of decades.

Keep reading to learn just a few reasons why HP printers are considered by many to be one of the best in the business.


HP has been around since the mid-eighties, and in that time, they started out providing consumers dot matrix printers like everyone else on the market. Then, at some point, the company developed laser jet printing, and at the time, it was considered a major invention in office products. As the company has evolved, adding different functionality to all of its products, they have fine-tuned their printers to encompass a variety of tasks, making work more efficient than ever for today’s users.

Modern HP printers go beyond simple scanning and copying features. Some can give you analytics as to what has been printed. Furthermore, there are some that can also give you information such as the print jobs in the queue while taking pictures of documents that have been already copied.

Printer Ink

Another reason why many find this type of printer more reliable is because of the brand’s ink. The ink is affordable but still provides users with high-quality printing. The company also offer a range of cartridges that last longer compared with those of the competition. Finally, HP offers users have the opportunity to purchase environmentally-friendly ink without the added expense.


Throughout the years, the company has focused on creating printers for both home and office use. There are so many models of this very brand of printer that whether you are shopping for your home computing needs or for your office you can pretty much find an affordable printer among the many options available. These printers are sturdy and durable, regardless of the printing demands, meaning you can rely on them to get the job done.


Because HP is a household name, you can pretty much find its products in every nook and cranny in Australia. People who purchase this brand can find ink and any other accessories in most retail stores online and onsite simply because the brand is extremely popular. With most retail outfits that carry the printers also carrying the accessories, you know that you can always get what you need for your HP Printer putting them a step above the rest.


HP printers are such that you don’t even have to read the owner’s’ manual (even though you should) to understand the basic functions of the printer. Whether it involves installing printer ink, copying, scanning and printing electronically, operating the printer is easy because the machine gives step-by-step instructions. In a world that is no longer willing to wait patiently, HP printers relieve a lot of the frustration when it comes to fumbling with printer parts.

A Trusted Brand

HP printers have been contenders in the technology race because of their focus on creating innovative products that meet the needs of the modern office and home. Their ability to latch onto a need in the market and develop products that are more than useful to consumers is seen in the number of units they sell yearly. Ultimately, HP printers are trusted because they are an established brand with an impeccable record and their printers produce great results, making them a favourite with consumers around the world.

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