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Kogan HDMI dongle delivers Quickflix movies and smart TV features


kogan wifi dongleKogan has partnered with movie subscription service Quickflix to deliver streaming entertainment to any TV using a new affordable wireless device.

The new Kogan Agora HDMI Wi-Fi dongle can turn any TV with an HDMI input into a smart TV.

And the small device will also come pre-loaded with the Android operating system – including the Quickflix app – and the wireless connection necessary to stream movies, TV shows and access the internet.

Priced at $99, the Kogan Agora HDMI Wi-Fi Dongle also comes with a Quickflix “all you can view” subscription to allow customers to stream the latest movies and TV shows from the extensive Quickflix library.

“The Quickflix partnership with Kogan means that the affordable streaming entertainment is now available for all Australians regardless of their budget and without the need for a set top box,” said Quickflix Executive Chairman Stephen Langsford and Chief Executive Officer Chris Taylor in a joint-statement.

Kogan CEO and founder, Ruslan Kogan said: “For years now we’ve been talking and blogging about the future of TV being all about Internet content streaming – watching what you want, when you want.

The Kogan HDMI Wi-Fi Dongle is priced at $99

“It’s very exciting to now join forces with another great Australian brand and shake things up by making the best content available to any TV – via Quickflix on the Kogan Agora HDMI Dongle.

“There is now no need to upgrade an existing TV, in order to access the world’s best content.”

The Kogan Agora HDMI Wi-Fi Dongle will be available in the second half of September with pre-sales starting next week.

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