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The cheap and easy way to protect your devices


protectsleeve3Summer is only days away and we’ll be heading to the beach or sitting by the pool with our devices but a new product to protect them all has just been released.

Legend has unveiled the Protect Your range of smart sleeves which are custom made to fit over smartphones, tablets and e-readers.

Each sleeve is like a strong zip-lock bag for your device.

The Protect Your sleeve has a resealable zipper to keep out water, dust, sand and other items which can damage the products.

The sleeves are made from sturdy Poly-blended material so it can protect the device from outside dangers while still offering complete functionality while they are safely sealed inside.

The Protect Your sleeve from Legend can shield your device from water, dust and sand

They are also curved at the bottom to make the device fit even more snugly inside the sleeve.

And it’s not just water, sand and dust which Protect Your sleeves shields your device from.

People who use their tablets or smartphones while they are cooking, painting, camping, fishing and gardening can also use a Protect Your sleeve without the risk of damage to their device.

The Protect Your sleeves can fit the iPad and most other tablets

The Protect Your sleeves come in four different packages and in packets of 10.

There are Protect Your sleeves designed for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod but these can also be used for similar sized tablets and smartphones.

Legend had also released generic Protect Your sleeves for e-readers which can be used with Kindles and other e-readers as well as with other tablets.

The Protect Your sleeve for smartphones can seal the device inside and still allow complete touchscreen functionality

There are also Protect Your smartphone sleeves which should fit any regular mobile device. Smartphones with larger screen – 4.7-inches and above – may not fit in this generic sleeve.

We tried to fit in a Samsung Galaxy S III inside the generic smartphone sleeve and, while it did fit in the bag, we couldn’t zip up the seal.

Each Protect Your pack is priced at $14 which includes 10 sleeves.

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