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Laser Wi-Fi shAIR Hub is a digital Swiss Army knife


lasershair2Laser’s pocket-sized Wi-Fi shAIR Hub is like a digital Swiss Army knife for your smartphones, tablets, PCs and Mac computers.

It wirelessly connects smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs to easily share content, can be used as a portable travel router, can act as a wi-fi repeater to extend the reach of your wireless network and even recharge your mobile devices through its built-in battery.

Also on board the Wi-Fi shAIR Hub has dual SD card slots and a USB port so it can share file files from inserted memory cards, USB thumbs drives and external hard drives to smartphones through a dedicated app or on a PC or Mac through a web browser.

The device is like a mini network file server and creates its own wi-fi network to connect with smartphones, tablets and computers so there’s no need for cables or adaptors to access your files.

If you want to share pictures, videos and music stored on any SD card or USB drive from a smartphone or tablet simply look for the Wi-Fi shAIR Hub’s network and connect.

The Laser Wi-Fi shAIR Hub comes in black or white and has SD card slots, a USB port and built-in wi-fi

Then using the free Alpheus Toaster app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices users can view that SD card’s contents to view or download to your smartphone or tablet. It works the same when a USB thumb drive or external hard drive is connected.

Users can also access that same content from a computer by connecting wirelessly to the Laser device and viewing the files through a browser.

The Laser Wi-Fi shAIR Hub makes it easy to share your content with other members of your family or with colleagues in an office. Up to eight users can wireless connect to the shAIR Hub at once.

And it’s not only about viewing content. Users can also upload and save files to the memory card or USB drive attached to the Laser Wi-Fi shAIR Hub.

The Laser device can also be used as a portable router and is ideal for business travellers who want to turn their hotel room’s Ethernet cable internet connection into a wireless network.

Now you can turn one connection in the hotel room into a wi-fi network which can be accessed by several devices or several people.

The Laser Wi-Fi shAIR Hub is small enough to take anywhere

While on the road the Laser device can also be used as an emergency battery back up with the internal rechargeable battery able to top up your mobile devices and provide hours of extra usage till you can connect your charger again.

To extend the range of your wi-fi network, the Laser Wi-Fi shAIR Hub can be switched to Wi-Fi Repeater mode and positioned halfway between your router and the dead spot in your home or office.

And the Laser Wi-Fi shAIR Hub can be used as a simple SD card reader. Simply turn off the device’s wi-fi and connect it to your PC or Mac with the supplied USB cable.

The Laser Wi-Fi shAIR Hub is one of the most useful products you can own if you own a smartphone, tablet or computer and want to stay connected to your content and the internet from anywhere.

Laser Wi-Fi shAIR Hub

Price: $99

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