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Laser launches new Navig8r GPS fitness products


navwatch-s10-1Laser has launched a new Navig8r Fitness range which includes two sports watches with GPS, a GPS bike computer and a heart rate monitor watch.

Laser, a company usually focussed on IT and consumer accessories, has decided to create these new Navig8r products which are ideal for endurance trainers or outdoor adventurers.

This new sports accessory collection can be used for running, hiking, walking, swimming and cycling.

Sports Watches with GPS tracking

There are two sports watches in the Navig8r range – the Navwatch S10 and the Navwatch S20 – which both have built in GPS tracking.

The S10 and S20 can not only keep track of your exercise with its stopwatch but can also record other information like elevation, speed, distance, co-ordinates, trip logs and calories burned.

The Laser S20 sports watch with GPS tracking

Also on board is GPS time synchronisation and the ability to review your activity on Google Maps.

Both the S10 and S20 also feature a second time zone function and can also download performance information for athletes to their computer using a USB cradle.

The S10 also has a directional compass that can store up to nine waypoints so it’s easy to follow a pre-determined route or mark your own start point and journey.

The Laser S10 sports watch with GPS tracking

The S10 and S20 are available in green and orange and are both priced at $179.95.

Bike Computer with GPS tracking

Cyclists can take their rides to the next level with the Navig8r bike computer with GPS tracking.

The unit is self-contained and doesn’t require wheel sensors but, thanks to its onboard GPS, it can keep track of your speed, average speed and trip distance.

The Laser Bike Computer with GPS tracking

The USB docking cradle that comes with the product can let users plot their rides on Google Maps, keep track of results and compare them with earlier performances as well as share data with family and friends.

It is priced at $129.95.

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

This lightweight watch can help keep track of your fitness levels and, with the heart rate monitor, can display pulse, heart rate zones as well as the length of your workout and calories burned.

By entering information like age, gender and weight the device can program personal targets and safe heart zones.

The Laser Heart Rate Monitor watch

The device can also store up to seven days of data with the built-in memory to make it easier to monitor your progress.

The heart rate monitor watch is available in red and black and is priced at $69.95 and includes the wireless heart rate strap.

The Laser Navig8r range is available now from Big W and Harvey Norman.

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