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Hang your smartphone anywhere with the Bondi


bondi5Our smartphones are handy things to have around but we can’t always hold them in our hand which is where a product like the Bondi Hang It On comes in handy.

Bondi looks like a rubber stick figure with bendable arms and feet to make it easy to hold any smartphone.

The Bondi’s arms are bendable and the feet are hooked upwards to hold your device securely in place.

The “head” of the stick figure is actually a hook which can be attached anywhere including a doorknob, rear-view mirror, edge of a table and even on your clothes.

If you can hook the Bondi to something then you can have your smartphone or media player or anything else that fits within its grasp.

It can also be used to hold cables, a charger, a memo, a picture, a letter or a book.

The Bondi can hold your smartphone securely wherever there is a place it can be hooked

Other uses of the Bondi include using it as a smartphone mount for a car or attached to the handlebars of your bike.

We used the Bondi to hold our smartphone to the plug while it was charging in a power point halfway up the wall.

The Bondi Hang It On can hold your smartphone or anything else that can fit within its grasp

The Bondi Hang It On is priced at just $15 and is available in a number of colours.

Customers interested in purchasing one or a number of Bondi Hang It Ons can either email or call 0411287447.

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