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Padacs Rapid Charge Cable speeds up your iOS USB recharge


padacs rapid charge cableAccessory specialist Padacs has released a new Rapid Charge Cable which can quickly recharge iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch from a computer’s USB port.

The Rapid Charge Cable will now enable Windows-based PCs to charge iOS devices up to 25 per cent faster than a standard USB sync cable.

Previously only Mac computers could charge iOS devices using a regular sync cable.

The 1.1m cable is priced at just $19.95 and is not only easy to carry around, it will also make it quicker to recharge your devices on the go without the need to look for a power point.

The USB portion of the cable is slightly thicker than a regular USB plug to house the higher capacity charger. It also has a tiny switch on the plug which can adjust the charge/sync status.

When the light is green, the Padacs cable is in rapid charge mode.

The Padacs Rapid Charge Cable lives up to is name and can quickly power up iOS devices through your computers USB port

Adjust the switch and change the light to blue and this allows data to be transferred from a computer to your device.

And if the light happens to turn red you’ll know that’s a high temperature warning.

The Padacs Rapid Charge Cable is available now and is priced at $19.95.

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