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Sonos unveils new PlayBar home theatre speaker


playbarthumbSonos has added another product to its excellent wireless speaker range – a home theatre speaker for your television called the PlayBar.

The device is designed to sit underneath your television and is connected with a single cable to provide an enhanced audio experience.

Onboard are nine – that’s right nine – speakers including six mid-woofers for the deep and rich low bass sounds and three tweeters for clear and crisp high frequency sounds.

And there’s also a fair amount of technology under the hood with built-in sensors to automatically adjust the audio channels and the equaliser for optimal sound.

The Sonos PlayBar can be positioned under the television either on an entertainment unit or mounted on the wall

The PlayBar actually makes 24 million calculations per second to find the right balance with the six onboard mid-woofers.

And of course, being a Sonos speaker, there’s also wi-fi on board so you can also listen to music once you’ve finished watching television and control it using the Sonos smartphone or tablet app.

The Sonos PlayBar can enhance your TV audio experience

Sonos PlayBar is also scalable so users can add other wireless Sonos speakers like Sonos Play:3 or the Sonos subwoofer to create a 5.1 home theatre experience and all without messy cables or complicated set-up.

The PlayBar has a number of audio modes including Night Sound which can compress the audio and suppress any loud or sudden sounds so you don’t wake the whole family.

The Sonos PlayBar is wireless and can also be expanded into a 5.1 surround system and used to stream music

Speech Enhancement does exactly what it’s called and boosts the frequency range of the human voice so dialogue is crystal clear.

The Sonos PlayBar is expected to be priced at $999 and will be available in March.

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