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The Room iPad game is a puzzle wrapped in a riddle


roomIf you’re a fan of puzzle games and you own an iPad then a new mind-bending app called The Room will test your skills of deduction and reasoning.

From Fireproof Games, The Room is a rich and realistic puzzle game that challenges the player to look for clues and apply them to the various panels, dials and switches in the game.

The game starts with what looks like a safe in a dimly lit room and the player must solve each puzzle in order to advance to the next one with many hidden in unusual places.

As each brainteaser is solved, players get to unravel another piece of the puzzle.

The Room makes excellent use of the iPad’s screen with the ability to zoom in and out and move objects by touch.

This gives the games an added tactile quality that will keep players amused and intrigued for hours.

The Room iPad app game presents a series of puzzles for the player to solve

Along the way there are number of notes which can be found to explain the reasons why these puzzles within puzzles exist.

What also adds to the experience is the excellent graphics, sound effects and atmospheric music.

And there’s actually more than meets the eye with an eyepiece which allows players to see beyond the surface of some objects and panels.

The Room makes great use of the iPad's touch screen and accelerometer

Players can collect their clues and objects and store them in their inventory before finding the other part of the puzzle where it can be used.

For example, a player might find a key that’s a certain shape and later discover the corresponding keyhole.

And don’t worry if you get stuck, there are subtle clues which are offered that can nudge players in the right direction without giving away the answers.

The Room is a puzzle within a puzzle within a puzzle wirh clues offered if you ever get stuck

The Room has similarities with the classic puzzle game Myst which was one of the first CD-ROM games on the Mac back in the early nineties.

The Room is a satisfying iPad game that is hard to put down and make hours slip by like minutes.

It is available in the App Store now for $1.99.

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