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Need a lift? RideSurfing app connects you with drivers in your area


ridesurfing1RideSurfing is a new app that can help get you to your destination using a network of social drivers that’s far cheaper than catching a cab.

The iOS app (coming soon to Android) lets you check to see what drivers are in your area before requesting a ride.

Users can sign up to RideSurfing with their Facebook account and also submit their credit card details to make the whole experience a cashless one.

Drivers who join the service are given a thorough background check and their cars are inspected to ensure it is clean and tidy and well maintained.


While RideSurfing will draw inevitable comparisons with Uber – the other popular driver/ride sharing app – it is actually has more differences than similarities.

The RideSurfing app lets you request a ride

For a start it’s designed to be a social experience so anyone who’s involved – whether you’re a passenger or a driver – is likely to be a social people person.

Once passengers request a ride, they don’t have to state their destination until they get into the car.

Once the journey is agreed upon, the RideSurfing app can, via GPS, determine the distance and how long the journey takes before using this information to determine a suggested donation.

.... and you can watch the driver approach and call if necessary

Passengers can pay the suggested amount or more if they had a pleasant experience or less or even nothing if the ride was a particularly bad one.

Drivers are also given a rating by the passenger at the end of the journey.

If a passenger gives the driver three stars or less in the rating then they will never be partnered again.

Overall RideSurfing journeys are between 30 and 50 per cent cheaper than a regular cab ride.

..... and then you are given a guide on the donation for the trip

RideSurfing is a Sydney start-up that has been operating for more than month and has already seen significant growth.

The service is expected to expand to other Australian cities as well as to cities around the world.

If you refer a friend or friends you will both receive $20 of credit to put towards your next ride.

RideSurfing is a free app and is available now in the App Store for iPhone and is coming soon to the Play Store for Android smartphones.

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