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Koubachi app and sensor can tell you when to water your plants


koubachi1There are apps and accessories that can do a lot of things but the Koubachi Wi-Fi Sensor is the first one that can tell you when and how to care for your plants.

The combination of the Koubachi iPhone app and the accompanying indoor/outdoor plant sensor gives users an accurate assessment of a plant’s needs.

Even having a green thumb can’t compare to the accurate information the device can gather and transfer wirelessly transfer to an iPhone or computer. It’s like giving your plant a voice.

The sensor stem is stuck into the soil of the plant and can determine soil moisture, temperature and light intensity and match that to the exact needs of the plant identified in the app.

The Koubachi sensor connects wirelessly to the app and alerts users of the plants needs

The app uses scientifically proven plant care models developed with leading biologist.

For each species of plant Koubachi is able to calculate the requirements depending on the current season and climate zone.

The Koubachi sensor that is stuck into the plant's soil

Once the information from the sensor is received by the app it can offer instructions like “water now”, “needs mist in two days”, “needs fertilizer in two months”.

Users can even monitor their plants remotely through push notifications on their iPhone or via email.

The Koubachi wi-fi sensor can be seen above the soil level of indoor and outdoor plants

Koubachi will be priced at $99 when it is released in the coming weeks. The accompanying Koubachi app is free to download.

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