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Kids not calling back? New app locks their phone until they do


ignore1Parents are frustrated when their kids don’t return their calls or texts. A mother has solved this problem with an app that locks their child’s phone until they call back.

Sharon Standifird from Houston, Texas was tired of her teenage children not returning her calls so she decided to do something about it.

The result, after much research, is Ignore No More – an app available now for Android devices and coming soon to the iPhone.

The app needs to be installed on the parent’s smartphone and on the device of each of your children.

If the son or daughter ignores your calls or texts, Ignore No More allows the parent to remotely lock their child’s phone.

For your child to unlock their device again they must call the parent’s number.

Parents can remotely lock their child's phone with Ignore No More

While in the locked state the child can call emergency numbers but they are unable to make any other calls or send any other texts – until they call their parent back.

The child can’t uninstall the app because it is protected with a password set by the parent.

And if they do try and uninstall it, the parent is sent an email warning them their child is trying to disable the service.

The Ignore no more app is available now in the Google Play Store and is priced at $1.99 for each device it is installed on. It is coming soon to Apple’s App Store.

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