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Dyson launches new Balloon Game featuring its Air Multipliers


dysonrange2Dyson has created a fun new game app where players have to use the company’s Air Multiplier fan to steer a balloon through a number of challenging levels.

The free iPhone Dyson Balloon Game app is a physics game with the object of the game to pilot the balloon through the levels using nothing but the Air Multipliers.

Each Dyson fan can be positioned and aimed to help the player direct the balloon towards the target.

As you make your way through the levels they get progressively harder and then some real ingenuity is needed.

The Dyson Balloon Game app which is free for iOS

The object of the Dyson Balloon Game app is to guide balloon towards the target using the Air Multipliers

Dyson has used the app to clever showcase the products abilities as we enter the summer months.

Dyson’s Air Multiplier draws in air from its base and behind the fan and streamed out through the circular wing using a process called inducement and entrainment.

The result is a smooth flow of air which can be amplified up to 15 times with a dimmer-style control.

The full Dyson Air Multiplier range

There are no chopping blades or a safety grille and this makes it even safer to use around the house.

Dyson’s Air Multiplier is available in three varieties – 25cm and 30cm Table Fans ($379 and $399), a longer elliptical Tower Fan ($599) and a Pedestal Fan ($599).

The Dyson Balloon Game app is free and available now from the App Store.

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