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Create stunning images with the DMD Panorama app


dmd3If you want to capture stunning panorama images quickly and easily then the iPhone and Android DMD Panorama app is one of the best ways to do it.

The new app can create immersive shots up to 360 degrees that can also be shared across Facebook, Twitter and email and SMS.

The automated capture system makes it a snap to capture your panorama shots.

Simply hold the device vertically to begin the process. Users will notice yin and yang symbols at the top of the screen that come together as you move your device in one direction.

Once they join to form a circle the app takes the next picture in the series and then the process is repeated until the user taps the Finish button.

The app captures a panorama shot when the device is moved in one direction to bring the ying and yang symbols to form a circle

The result is a stunning virtual reality image that can be panned left and right.

Users can view their shots within the app as well as access shots taken by others who have shared it with the DMD Panorama community.

The app also automatically creates a location tag to make it easy to sort through your images.

User can view their own images and other public images on their device on the DMD Panorama app

When it comes to sharing your images it is possible to save to the device’s gallery or photo album as well as link to the image from Facebook and Twitter so other can click through and enjoy the immersive panorama shot.

It’s also possible to email that link as well and copy and paste the link into an SMS.

We used the app to take the image of Santa Monica below but click but the image can be viewed and panned left and right as it would be on the DMD Panorama app here.

Our picture of Santa Monica using the DMD Panorama app

With the new DMD Panorama app users can capture the beauty and majesty of a stunning location and easily share it for all to see.

The DMD Panorama app is available now for a discounted 99 cents on the Apple App Store for iPhone where it usually $1.99 and a free ad-supported version is available for Android users.

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