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Cook your meat like a pro with the Ask The Butcher app


askthebutcherThere’s any app for anything they say – including one that can help you choose a great piece of meat and cook it just right called Ask The Butcher.

The new iPhone app is like having your own butcher in your pocket and gives some tips on selecting the right cut of beef, veal, pork, lamb or chicken.

Ask The Butcher lives up to its name and even suggests question to ask your butcher about each cut including if it is grass or grain fed, the way you’d like it cut and how thick you’d like each cut.

Once you’ve brought your meat home it’s time to prepare it and Ask The Butcher will give you a list of things you’ll need including salt and oil and also provide cooking directions.

The app will even tell you how long each particular piece of meat needs to be cooked for rare, medium and well done.

Ask The Butcher can help you cook meat like a pro - starting with the thickness of the cut....

To make this even easier Ask The Butcher steps you through the process beginning with the thickness of the meat and how you’d like it to be cooked.

When you’re ready to cook hit the “start cooking” button on the app and it will start a timer and even tell you when to turn it over and when to remove and rest before serving.

.... how you want it cooked....

The app will be continually updated with recipes from well-known Australian chefs.

And if you’re happy with the outcome you can share the results with your friends on social media.

Ask The Butcher brings a wealth of knowledge to users and was created by Anthony Puharich who, along with his father Victor, owns Vic’s Premium Quality Meats which has been supplying restaurants with the finest meats since 1996.

.... and how long to cook it and when to turn it over before serving

Ask The Butcher is available now from the App Store and is priced at $2.99.

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