Modern technology gives us many things.

CloseBuys app brings the specials to you


closebuys4CloseBuys – a new iPhone app and website designed to help customers find bargains that are relevant to their tastes and in their area – has just been launched.

The app can find, sort and locate specials from more than 28,000 retail outlets across Australia every day and display them within the app or desktop.

Shoppers can choose categories that interest them before the relevant specials are sent out to them.

These categories include men’s and women’s fashion, electronics, food, entertainment among others.

The CloseBuys iPhone app can find the special close to your location

These preferences are also sorted around the user’s GPS position through their smartphone or by entering a postcode into the app.

Now instead of hunting out the specials, users can receive these specials through CloseBuys.

And the more someone uses the app, the more it can adjust to the user.

The CloseBuys app send you special that are relevant to your interest and taste

Specials can easily be located through CloseBuys using the app’s geo-locating technology or selecting an area on the map to search.

And you’ll know the specials are relevant and up to date because they are updated daily,

The CloseBuys app is available to download free for iPhone or you can visit

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