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Canoodle can find you a partner based on your Facebook interests


canoodle3If you’re looking for love it could be as close as a new social dating site called which connects people based on their Facebook interests.

Canoodle uses a unique matching technique which looks at pages you like and the people you follow on Facebook and matches it against people with similar pursuits.

So rather than setting up a dating website from scratch, Canoodle lets Facebook do the heavy lifting by using people’s existing profiles.

The site is free to join and, using Canoodle’s accompanying app, can also match people based on their location.

Canoodle is backed by global dating company Cupid and allows people to filter potential partners as well as providing an easy way to connect and chat freely.

The Canoodle app and website can find your ideal partner based on your Facebooks interests and likes

The site lets users select or deselect the things you like whether it’s sports, fashion, cooking, exercise, reading, movies or anything else that takes our interest.

“Our site essentially does the small talk for you, and makes the chore of writing a traditional dating profile – which can often be an agonizing experience as you try to find the right words – a thing of the past,” said Sean Wood from Cupid.

“We now live in a time where we barely have time to stop and eat, let alone meet and date new people. That’s exactly why we’ve launched Canoodle, which makes meeting new people as quick and easy as possible”.

The Canoodle app can also find matches based on your locations

There are some in-app purchases which people can use as credit within Canoodle to chat and respond to interested people.

The credits can also be used to highlight your account to stand out from the crowd.

Users can log into or download the Canoodle app via the iTunes store.

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