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Belkin WeMo app update adds new home automation features


wemoupdate1Belkin has updated its iOS and Android WeMo app that allows users with Belkin switches and light switches to enjoy even more automated features.

The new features include an away mode that can schedule Belkin’s WeMo Light Switch to turn on and off randomly if you’re out or on holidays to give the impression that someone is home.

This simulated occupancy setting means users don’t have to worry about setting up timers before they leave their home so they will have greater piece of mind.

Another new benefit from the updated app is the addition of a sunrise/sunset offset to make it even easier for users to set lights to turn and off at the scheduled sunrise and sunset for their postcode.

This feature is helpful if you live in an area that gets dark before the sun goes down.

The updated WeMo app now has a new customisable long press option to activate various automated tasks.

The WeMo app updates allows for tasks to be triggered with a long press of the physical light switch

For example, users may use the app to program their WeMo Light switch in the bedroom to turn on the kettle when the physical light switch is pushed and held for longer than two seconds.

Another example is being able to enable the long press on the light switch to send a text message to their phone.

This is a useful scenario for parents who can tell their child to use this feature so they can be notified when they arrive home.

The free WeMo app updates for the iOS and Android apps are available now.

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