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Apps to help you keep your fitness New Year’s resolutions


fitnessapps4It’s a new year and many have made a resolution to get into shape in 2014. The good news is there are apps that can help you reach your fitness goal.

Finding the motivation to stick to your exercise program is one of the main obstacles and these apps each have their own way of keeping you moving.

No matter what your fitness level, these titles can log your workouts, map your runs/walks and challenge you to do even better next time.

COUCH TO 5K – $1.99

Getting up off the couch is the first major step for anyone starting out a new fitness campaign.

This app, available for iPhone and Android, is designed to help users reach a realistic goal of running a 5km run.

You can choose from five virtual coaches who will give you the motivation you need with real-time audio cues during your run.

Couch to 5K helps you log your workouts, calculate your distances and map your routes using GPS.

Couch to 5K sets an achievable goal of completing a 5K run with virtual coaches and encouragement

You can also add buddies to the app who can cheer you and each other on during their fitness journey.

The app is social as well and it’s easy to share your progress to Facebook and the larger running community at Trainer.

And when you’re ready, Couch to 5K can also find 5K events in your area and help you register to enter.

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THE WALK – $4.49

The Walk combines a fitness and activity tracker with an addictive adventure mystery game.

The idea is for users to walk in the real world to move within the game and uncover vital clues to keep the story going.

The Walk combines a step counter with a addictive adventure game

In the game, a bomb has exploded at Inverness Station and a package has been handed to you.

To uncover clues and get to the end of the story, users needs to get out and walk for real with the more steps they take allowing them to travel even further in the game.

To stay alive in the game, players will need to walk the equivalent of the length of the UK while evading police and enemy agents to get through the 65 episodes and 800 minutes of included audio.

In The Walk users have to move in the real world to uncover clues and unlock achievements

The more you walk, the more clues are uncovered and achievements unlocked.

By the end of the game you’ll have the satisfaction of solving the mystery and remaining active at the same time.

The Walk is available for iPhone and Android.

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