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You won’t believe what some people did to their iPhone 7


A prank video showing a man drilling a hole in his iPhone 7 to have some where to fit his headphones has gone viral – and led to some viewers taking the instructions seriously and destroying their new phones.

The video, which has had more than 10 million views, was put together by Ukranian Taras Maksimuk – known as TechRax by his 5.1 million YouTube subscribers – and it shows the prankster putting an iPhone 7 in a vice and drilling a 3.5mm hole on the bottom edge.

And when he finishes he plugs in his earphones into the newly-created hole and plays music but the music appears to be coming from the speakers.

Apple made the controversial decision of removing the headphone jack from the latest iPhone, much to the disappointment of a number of people.

Incredibly some of TechRax’s viewers took the prank video literally and went ahead and drilled their new iPhone 7.

“Help! Now my old headphones fit in but the phone doesn’t work anymore!” said one viewer.

“My phone wasn’t working either, I think I made some mistake in drilling and hole wasn’t at right place and I may have destroyed some circuits. I was totally devastated,” said another.


“F**K, I must’ve drilled it in the wrong f**king spot,” was another comment.

And this: “I followed all the steps you said and it won’t even turn back on. Do I gotta update it or download the headphone jack app?”


Maksimuk took to Twitter to express his amazement that people actually believed his video was real.

He tweeted: “Legit people complaining to me about drilling the iPhone 7 for a headphone jack”.