Modern technology gives us many things.

Westpac customers can now do their banking using iMessage


Westpac customers who own an iPhone will now be able to pay family, friends and other contacts via an SMS with the launch of an Australian first with Westpac for iMessage.

Westpac for iMessage is part of the latest version of the Westpac mobile banking app on the iPhone running iOS 11.

Customers can click on the new Westpac icon at the bottom of the text conversation to get started.

From here they will be able to make payments, generate a Cardless Cash code as well as share their BSB and account details.

And that can all be done without ever leaving the text message.

“This is a first for Australian banking – an exciting initiative that gives Westpac customers an additional way to pay their contacts, generate a Cardless Cash code or share their banking details quickly and easily,” said Westpac chief executive, consumer bank, Mr  George Frazis.

“Westpac customers who bank with us on their iPhone now have the ability to simply tap the Westpac icon in iMessage and pay a family member for a gift or a friend for dinner without having to leave their text conversation.

“Our customers want a swift, secure banking experience that fits with their lifestyle and we are always exploring ways to enhance our services. It makes sense to pair texting and banking together – these services are an everyday part of Australians’ lives.


“We are keen to give our customers a broad range of choice when it comes to banking and we know digital developments like Westpac for iMessage will be welcome news.”

Westpac for iMessage comes just days after the bank announced a skill for Amazon’s Alexa which allows users to access their account balance, recent spending history and rewards points status using their voice.