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Watch V8 champion Mark Skaife race a blacked-out BMW using phones on Vodafone’s network


Vodafone Australia has released a new video showing V8 racing champion driver Mark Skaife driving a BMW M6 at high speed with the windows blacked out and using three phones connected to the Vodafone network to navigate.

And to make things even more interesting, Vodafone Australia CEO Inaki Berroeta went along for the hot lap with Skaife around Calder Park Raceway in Victoria.

Three Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones attached to the car’s windscreen acted as the cameras.

And using Vodafone’s network, each phone streamed what it saw to a Samsung tablet inside the car to provide Skaife with a view from outside the car.

“When Inaki asked me how well I knew the BMW M6I said I’ve had lots of hours in one and felt very comfortable but I didn’t realise he wanted me to drive it blindfolded,” Skaife says.

The front windscreen was completely covered with an opaque Vodafone banner before they set out to drive the track at high speed.

“Using our fantastic 4G network, these three tablets will give you a vision of what is happening outside in the track,” Berroeta said.


The video shows Skaife, with Berroeta strapped into the passenger seat of the BMW M6, skillfully steering around the track at race speeds using the tablets inside the car as his only eyes on the road.


“It’s like being in a fair dinkum real-time simulator.”