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Twitter doubles its tweet limit to 280 characters for all users


Twitter has expanded tweets from the previous limit of 140 characters and doubled it to 280 characters from today to make it easier for users to express themselves and tweet more often.

The move comes after a trial launched in September which offered a small group of people, including this writer, the ability to write longer tweets.

The attraction of Twitter since it was launched more than 10 years ago, was brevity – short and sharp tweets which gave the user no choice but to get to the point.

But Twitter found this was a turnoff for lots of people who spent vast amounts of time trying to edit down their thoughts.

According to Twitter, only nine per cent of tweets in English hit the character limit.

But with the expanded character count this number has been reduced to just one per cent.

During the testing period, the users who were given a 280-character count often tweeted to the limit because they could.

But soon after they got back into the habit of writing more concise tweets.

In fact, most of the time the selected users tweeted below the 140-character limit.

For those concerned their Twitter feeds are going to be filled with more text, only five per cent were longer than 140 characters in the testing period and only two per cent were over 190 characters.

Twitter pointed out tweets with an image or a poll actually take up more space in your timeline that a 190-character tweet.

But the added space will make it easier for people to fit their thoughts into a tweet and spend less time editing it.

Twitter also found users who had more room to tweet had more engagement (likes, retweets and mentions) and got more followers.