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How to turn off the creepy new Snapchat location feature


Parents and millennials take note: Snapchat has just released an update which includes a new feature called Snap Map that can share your location with any of your followers without you even knowing it.

The popular photo and video sharing app can now tap into your location to tag where you are on a map for anyone to find you.

It also makes it possible for you to see where all your friends are as well.

This new feature has disturbed many users, including regular Snapchatters who find it a little creepy and calling it a great tool for stalkers.

But the good news is you can turn it off.

Snapchat users can choose not to be located by turning on “Ghost mode”.

To do this open Snapchat on either iOS or Android so you can see the main camera screen. Then pinch to get to the settings.


From here you’ll the Snap Map set up menu which allows you to choose whether you want to share your location with all friends, with some friends or only you.

In Snapchat, this is called Ghost mode and if you want to keep your location private you have to make sure this is turned on.

If in the future, you want to share your location for a limited time, you can easily adjust this in the settings before switching back to Ghost mode.

Anyone who runs the Snapchat update will find this feature is on by default.

If you don’t want your location pinned to a map you need to turn it off using the steps we outlined.

This isn’t the only location service on a social media app.


Apple’s app Find My Friends uses similar technology but all parties have to agree to share their location with the people who will also be locating them on a map.

Facebook also offers a Live Location feature that can be activated by the user when they are happy to share their location for a limited time and then de-activated when they’re done.