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Sony introduces Signature Series Hi-Res Audio range – but they’re not cheap


Sony has decided to play to its strengths with its newly revealed high-end audio products at IFA in Berlin with the Signature Series which includes headphones, Walkman and headphone amp.

Sony is well known for its audio engineering excellence and these products are designed to provide discerning audiophiles with superior high resolution sound quality.

But they aren’t cheap.

All of Sony’s Signature Series products have taken an unconventional approach to design to produce the best possible acoustics with premium materials.

The new range includes the MDR-Z1R Hi-Res Audio headphones, WM1 series Walkmans and a Hi-res Audio headphone amplifier.


No, that price isn’t a typo – it’s $2,999.

The MDR-Z1R headphones are handcrafted by artisans using the best materials and had an equalized opening to ensure minimal sound distortion for the highest fidelity of luxurious High Resolution audio sources.


Each ear pad is made of genuine leather while the headband is made of lightweight titanium with a stainless steel wire mesh housing protector.

Under the expensive hood is a 70mm HD driver unit that provides a wide frequency range of up to 120kHz.


The Walkman brand has been transformed with the new WM1 series of Hi-Res Audio players.

The digital music players also have five modes which can be selected to handle different types of music right down to whether its playing standard music, male vocals, female vocals, percussion or strings.


There’s also an upscaling feature for lower bit rate files that bring them up to near High Resolution Audio quality.

The WM1Z has a gold-plated oxygen-free copper chassis with an easy to navigate menu that lays the platform for some laid-back high quality listening.


Users can choose a wired or wireless connection through Bluetooth so you can play your music from multiple sources.

The NW-WM1A has a sleek aluminium chassis and has powerful bass and rich notes.


If you want to get even higher quality from your headphones, then you’ll need the TA-ZH1ES High-Res Audio amplifier.

The D.A Hybrid Amplifier Circuit chimes in with Sony’s full digital S-Master HX analogue amplifier so the fine detail of your music is preserved with low distortion.


Naturally the Hi-Res Audio amplifier is compatible with Sony’s new Signature Series headphones and Walkmans as well to enjoy the ultimate in sound quality.