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SnapBridge syncs your Nikon camera’s images to your mobile device


If you prefer to use your dedicated digital camera to capture your moments but still want to easily share those images – Nikon has a solution called SnapBridge that syncs images to your mobile device as you shoot.

Nikon has created SnapBridge to keep their compatible wi-fi cameras constantly connected to the user’s smartphone or tablet.

This way any image you’ve captured on your Nikon camera can be immediately accessed on your mobile device to share with friends or on social media.

When transferred to your mobile device, the images are resized to 1920 x 1080 resolution for easier sharing.

It’s also possible to manually share photos from the Nikon camera at higher resolutions and to also syncs videos as well.


Once it’s paired, SnapBridge maintains a low-power connection in the background that won’t impact your mobile device’s battery.

It can then automatically switch to Bluetooth or wi-fi when transferring images.

SnapBridge also allows users to take control of key camera functions like adding location information to your images.

It can also provide a live view of whatever the camera sees on your mobile device and remotely fire the shutter as well.

Nikon also has a cloud storage service for your pictures as well called Nikon Image Space so you’re not overloading your mobile’s device’s memory.

You can get free storage for images at 1920 x 1080 resolution or lower plus 20GB of free space for images saved at higher resolutions.

SnapBridge also automatically enters details like the model of the camera the picture with taken with along the serial number.


The Nikon cameras that will work with SnapBridge include the D500, the CoolPix B700, CoolPix B500, CoolPix A900 and the CoolPix A300.

SnapBridge is available now for Android users with the iOS version due for release in the coming weeks.