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See what Vodafone has changed after its mobile phone plan “shake up”


Mobile phone plans aren’t the easiest things to get your head around and Vodafone is trying to so something about that with what it is calling the biggest ever shake-up of its plans across the board.

All new plans with Vodafone will now feature unlimited standard national calls and text and unlimited standard international calls to 10 countries – China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the UK and the US.

Call to other countries are charged at a flat rate of $6 for 60 minutes.

On the data side, Vodafone has also made some changes.

For a start, in response to customer demand, they have increased the amount of included data across most plans.

The Vodafone $100 Red plan, for example, now includes 10GB of data for use in Australia. Previously it was 6GB.

Data Control is another new feature for users sharing data across multiple plans.

Now the primary user has the ability to turn data on or off for a particular user.

It might be a case where a parent wants to limit the amount of data a child is using because they are consuming the pooled data faster than everyone else.

Prepaid customers will also see all of these benefits as well.

Customers can connect to the $30 Prepaid Combo and receive unlimited talk and text and 1.5GB of data. And with an extra $10 that data goes up to 3GB and if the cost gets above $50 they also receive unlimited international calls to 10 countries.


• Unlimited standard national calls and texts included in all new consumer (prepaid and postpaid) and business postpaid plans

• A number of our plans include unlimited standard international calls to 10 selected destinations – China, India, UK, NZ, USA, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea – and some also offer, standard international minutes to selected countries

• Australian-first flat rate for international call overage of $6 for 60 minutes to selected countries on our new postpaid plans

• All new postpaid plans for consumer and business are now sharable

• Australian-first self-service data control for shared-style plans

• SIM Only plans with unlimited standard national calls and TXT now available from $30

• Plans with unlimited standard international calls to 10 selected countries across many of our prepaid and postpaid range (consumer and business)

• Great data inclusions across the plans

• Receive 500MB of bonus data for every $20 or above plan you add to your shared account (max 9 plans)

• Up to 12 months subscription to Spotify Premium, Stan or The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age online, now complimentary on Red plans $60 and above. Data charges apply

• New add-ons for Prepaid include data and international calls, allow you to customise your plan according to your usage, starting at $3

• Customers who are light users who want every day good value, plus unlimited standard national talk, text from $30

• Consumer and Business customers who are heavy users and want an all-rounder (standard international calls and roaming, data) starting from $80

• Customers who are heavy international callers can enjoy unlimited standard international calls to 10 destinations on the $50 and $60 Prepaid Combo and $50 and $60 SIM Only plans