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Samsung Galaxy S9+ has the world’s best smartphone camera, according to DxoMark


The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has just been declared by DxOMark as having the world’s best smartphone camera, overtaking the Google Pixel 2 and Apple’s iPhone X.

DxOMark has just published the results of an exhaustive analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone, which was only announced a few days ago at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The device has a dual lens and dual aperture camera and earned the highest overall DxOMark score to date of 99 points.

The Google Pixel 2 and the iPhone X had scores of 98 and 97 respectively.

In its summary, DxOMark said the Galaxy S9+ camera didn’t have any obvious weaknesses and performed well across all photo and video test categories.

For testing in bright light, the S9+ produced excellent results with bright and vivid colours and good exposures with a very wide dynamic range.


DxOMark says Samsung has struck a good balance between noise reduction and retention of detail.

In the low light conditions, DxOMark said the S9+ was equally impressive.

The 4x Zoom test comparison
The 4x Zoom test comparison. Picture: DxoMark

This was helped along thanks to one of the new features of the product – a dual aperture lens which can switch between f2.4 in brighter light to a very fast f1.5 aperture to maximise light exposure in lower light.

DxOMark said the camera kept an excellent balance between noise and detail across all light levels.

When using a flash, the tests revealed good exposure and the same level of detail as non-flash images.

The bokeh mode comparison
The bokeh mode comparison. Picture: DxoMark

Now with the dual camera set up, the S9+ can produce bokeh effect images with blur not only in the background but also in some parts of the foreground.

DxoMark said subject isolation was good with only minor segmentation artefacts visible around the foreground subject.


The camera also produced good target exposure in all light conditions thanks to its efficient Auto HDR system which came into play when necessary.

The testing showed the S9+ dealt with difficult high contrast scenes very well including backlit shots.

A shot taken with the S9+ with flash
A shot taken with the S9+ with flash. Picture: DxoMark

The conclusion was the camera struck a nice balance between exposing the foreground and maintaining a nice amount of detail in the brighter background.

Autofocus wasn’t judged by DxOMark to be the fastest but it was close to the best and was able to produce repeatable results.

Test of high contrast scene with a bright background
Test of high contrast scene with a bright background. Picture: DxoMark

In the zoom category, the Galaxy Note8 is the current best performing smartphone according to DxOMark and the S9+ falls on the same level as its larger stablemate.

On the video side the S9+ scored 91 points, making it one of the best smartphones to capture videos ever tested by DxOMark.


In its conclusion. DxoMark says the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is setting the pace for 2018.