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Samsung to disconnect Galaxy Note7 users who won’t return their device


Samsung will initiate a network disconnection for the remaining Galaxy Note7 devices which are still being used in Australia despite two safety recalls and the product being discontinued.

Samsung Australia has been working with Australian operators to discontinue network services to the Galaxy Note7 phones that are still in use.

From December 15, these Note7 devices will no longer be able to connect to a cellular network.

Customers were notified today of the move to allow them enough notice before their connection is terminated.

This follows a forced firmware update to the Note7 devices that limited battery capacity to 60 per cent.

Anyone who still has a Galaxy Note7 has been asked to power down the device and return it for a refund or replacement.


After the initial recall on September 2 due to a battery cell issue, Samsung issued a second recall before halting production on the flagship device altogether.

Customers can call Samsung Customer Service on 1300 362 603 or visit .