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Optus has a surprise for its customers who are watching Netflix


If you’re an Optus fixed home broadband customer and have been watching plenty of TV shows and movies on the Netflix subscription video on demand service you’re in for a nice surprise.

From April 17 Optus will allow its fixed home broadband customers unmetered access to the Netflix service.

Netflix can only be accessed through your home broadband connection and can have a significant impact on your monthly data allowance especially if you’re watching a lot of TV shows and movies.

But that will no longer be a concern for Optus home broadband customers from this week as the data they consume watching Netflix will not be counted in the monthly data usage calculations.

When Netflix launched in Australia on March 24, Optus offered new and reconnecting mobile and home customers six months free access to the service.

But now existing customers – while not having free access to Netflix which costs between $8.99 and $14.99 a month – from this week will not be using any of their own data to enjoy the service.