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Optus doubles data allowances on its handset, mobile broadband and SIM-only plans

Great news for Optus customers –  the company has doubled its data allowances on a selection of handset and mobile broadband plans and will continue that offer for SIM-only customers as well.

Optus is kicking off this offer on the same day the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S9 goes on sale.

Customers who buy the Galaxy S9 64GB to lease on a My Plan Flex will receive 32GB of data (which includes a bonus 16GB) with $0 handset fee for $85 per month.

The Optus lease plan means a lower monthly price with the option to upgrade to a new device in 12 months for $99.

At the end of the 24-month plan, uses can return the device in good working order and either start a new plan with a new device or purchase that phone at a fair market value.

If you’re after the iPhone X 256GB, the Optus $100 My Plan Flex lease plan gets you a huge 80GB of data (including bonus 40GB) with $0 handset fee over two years.

The Samsung Galaxy S9
The Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X plans are available until April 15.

Mobile broadband users can also double up when they sign up to month-to-month or 24 months My Mobile Broadband Plus plans.

$50 gets you 50GB a month (up from 25GB) while $70 gets you an impressive 200GB per month (including a 100GB bonus). This offer is available until April 2.

The iPhone X
The iPhone X

Optus SIM-only customers who bring their own device can also get in on the bonus data offers.

Anyone who signs up on a new 12-month SIM-only plan will receive 30GB data (up from 15GB) for $40 a month.

And if you spend $60, that data allowance jumps up to 100GB a month on a 12-month contract.

These SIM-only offers are available until March 25.

“Optus already offers a huge range of data-free entertainment streaming across current postpaid plans for new and recontracting customers, so these double data offers ensure those customers can maximise their data for use in web browsing and downloads,” says Ben White, Optus managing director of marketing and product.

“This is the first time Optus has offered so much added value across such a wide range of plans, and as they’re only available for a limited time we encourage customers to grab a great deal.”