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New Netflix feature lets you take control of your data usage while streaming on the go


A lot of people are enjoying Netflix on the go on their mobile devices but most don’t realise how much data they are using on cellular networks. Now there’s a new feature to help viewers work it out and take control.

The Netflix Cellular Data Usage tool lets users take complete control of how much data they are using while streaming movies and TV shows on the move.

Users will need to run the latest update on the Netflix app on iOS and Android.

The default setting will allow viewers to stream about three hours of TV shows and movies per gigabyte of data.

This amounts to a bit rate of about 600Kbps with a balance between lower data usage and good video quality.

But if you have a lot more room on your monthly data allowance you can adjust the setting to stream your content at a higher bitrate and enjoy a higher video quality.

How to adjust the cellular data usage settings on the Netflix Android and iOS apps

To adjust these settings, select App Settings from the menu and select Cellular Data Usage.

From here you can switch off the automatic default and select a higher or lower data usage setting.

This setting only comes into effect when streaming on cellular networks so streaming on wi-fi or streaming when tethered is not affected.

“We hope this will help you enjoy Netflix for those times that you are out and about, and we’ll continue to work to deliver a great streaming experience whether you are on a TV, computer, or a phone, and whether you are at home or on the go,” says Eddy Wu, Netflix director of product innovation.