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Netgear unveils new products at CES to create a faster more useful home wireless network


Netgear has unveiled a range of new products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas which are designed to maximize your home wi-fi speed and put it to use all over your home.

CES was filled with connected products from TVs and audio systems to appliances and robots but these devices require reliable connectivity for them to deliver on their functionality.

Which is where Netgear comes in. The company realises the strength of the home wi-fi network is more important than ever before.

To that end Netgear has unveiled the Nighthawk Switch and the Nighthawk X10 router which can provide speed and prioritise connections.

Also announced by Netgear were the Arlo Pro, Arlo Go and Arlo Baby – impressive updates to the Arlo family of wire-free security cameras that have now gone to the next level.

All Netgear’s new products will be available in the coming months.



Netgear’s Nighthawk Switch is aimed at getting the best connections for online activities like gaming and video streaming.

A regular network switch is a device that allows you to extend the cabled connectivity to other products with a cable.

But in that scenario each connection is treated like any other.

But Netgear’s Nighthawk Switch changes all that and allow users to optimise selected ports for high capacity through a simple app.

There are three levels of prioritization so you can reduce latency by up to 90 per cent when gaming (which can mean the difference in winning or losing) and reducing lag when streaming 4K movies.


Netgear is calling the Nighthawk X10 the world’s fastest router – and with good reason.

It has a 1.4Ghz quad-core processor with quad-stream and offers 802.11 ac and the latest wi-fi standard 802.11ad with combined speed of up to 7.2Gbps.

There are seven Gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB 3.0 ports.

But also under the hood is a Plex Media Server so it can stream movies from your network or from a connected hard drive.

The Nighthawk X10 also creates a seamless connection to cloud storage like Amazon Drive.

And the design of the device is also eye-catching. There is a grill on top of the product so you can look right into the router and see the cooling fan and the gutsy processor powering the whole thing.



Netgear has made an already excellent product even better with the Arlo Pro.

The wire-free camera which can be placed anywhere within range of your network now has a wider 130-degree viewing angle and a faster and more advanced motion detection.

The weatherproof camera is now powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery.


Arlo Pro also features two-way audio so you can talk to whoever is in front of the camera and they can talk back to you.

The device also comes with an updated base station which includes a 100-decibel alarm and the ability to connect a hard drive to back up all of your captured videos locally.

Customers now also have the option of connecting the camera to power if there happens to be power nearby.

If not, there will also be an additional accessory – a solar panel that can keep the camera constantly powered.



The Arlo Go includes all the features of the Arlo Pro but with one big difference.

It’s slightly larger and it doesn’t need to connect to a wi-fi network because it can connect to the cellular network with a SIM card.

This means the Arlo Go can be positioned anywhere like on a remote property, on a boat or on a building site. Anywhere.


Netgear has taken all the smarts of the Arlo system and turned it into the most advanced baby camera and monitor.

Arlo Baby has a fun child-friendly design which can be decorated to look like a rabbit, cat or a dog.


But apart from being just a camera, Arlo Baby is also a nightlight and it can play music.

The device can also detect the conditions in the room and provide, via the app, the temperature, humidity and air quality.