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Google rolls out amazing Night Sight camera update for Pixel 3 smartphone

Google’s Pixel 3 smartphone camera is already pretty impressive and is just about to get even better with the launch of Night Sight – a new feature that allows users to capture incredible lowlight images without a flash or tripod.

Night Sight has just begun rolling out to Pixel 3 users around the world and will be yet another tool in the already impressive device’s camera toolbox.

Unlike other flagship smartphones, the Google Pixel 3 uses computational photography and machine learning rather than numerous lenses to capture impressive images.

An image taken with Apple’s iPhone XS
…. the same image taken with Night Sight with the Google Pixel 3

And all you need to do is press the shutter button.

With Night Sight, the device can adapt to you and its surroundings no matter whether you’re holding it in your hand or resting it on a stable surface.

Even before you press the shutter button, Night Sight is already measuring your natural handshake along with how much motion it can detect in the scene.

If you are more stable, Night Sight will spend more time capturing light and minimising noise.

Night Sight can draw out light and also maintain sharpness

If you’re not so steady, Night Sight will use shorter exposures and capture less light to minimise motion blur.

Even if the subject moves, Night Sight can still adapt to prevent an impressive amount of motion from wrecking the shot.

The results are nothing short of astounding with the feature able to draw an incredible amount of light from a scene that is in virtual darkness.

Users can enter Night Sight mode by tapping the suggestion or navigating manually to that mode.

Pictures taken in near total darkness can still appear remarkably bright

Here are some additional tips from Google on how to get the most from Night Sight with your Pixel 3 smartphone:

– If you’re taking a photo of someone, ask them to hold still for a few seconds before and after you press the shutter button.

– Hold the phone steady. If you can, try propping it against a stable surface.

– Make sure the camera lens is clean. It can accumulate oil from fingerprints, creating blurry and soft photos.

– Try tapping on or around your subject to help your camera focus when taking photos in very dark conditions.

– Avoid pointing your camera at bright light sources, which may cause unwanted reflections in your photo.

– Cameras don’t work in complete darkness, so you’ll still need some light to capture a photo.

Night Sight will be rolling out over the next few days with an update to the Google Camera app.