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Mobile Muster launches competition to find Australia’s biggest phone hoarder


Are you a mobile phone hoarder? According to recycling program Mobile Muster you probably are. There are now more old devices rattling around in our drawers than there are people in Australia.

New data just released by Mobile Muster indicates there are more than 25.5 million old mobiles cluttering our homes.

And four million of these are broken and no longer working.

So why are we holding on to these old mobiles?

Mobile Muster says there is still quite a gap of awareness around mobile recycling which, when combined with our hoarding behaviour, has created an incredible build-up of old mobile phones.

“With the number of hoarded mobile phones for the first time ever surpassing the Australian population figure, we want people to start thinking about the environmental benefits of recycling their old mobiles,” says Spyro Kalos, recycling manager at MobileMuster.

“Think of your mobile as a miniature mine, with 95% of the materials and precious minerals from recycled phones being recovered and put back into the supply chain.”

To encourage Australians toward recycling, Mobile Muster has teamed up with de-cluttering expert Peter Walsh who is actually Oprah’s go-to expert on the subject.

De-clutter expert Peter Walsh
De-clutter expert Peter Walsh

They are even launching a competition to track down Australia’s biggest mobile phone hoarder to encourage users to de-clutter and de-stress their lives.

“When a home is overrun with clutter it robs us emotionally, financially, socially as well as disrupting the peace and calm in our own homes,” says Peter Walsh.

“To relieve stress and anxiety one of the easiest things Australians can do is to de-clutter – starting first and foremost with their old mobile phones.

“So, dig up your mobile phone graveyard and recycle your old phones, cords and accessories that will only give you a headache, trip you up and create a tangled mess in your life. Now is the perfect time for hoarders to come clean.”

The Hoarders Come Clean competition will be run by Mobile Muster and Storage King along home organisation guru Peter Walsh.

The prize will be a dream de-cluttering pack worth more than $3,200 that will include personal home organisation sessions with Walsh along with books, a Storage King pack and storage for 12 months.

To enter head over to