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Microsoft partners with D-Link to deliver Super Wi-Fi in rural areas


Rural communities across the world are about to receive the next generation Super Wi-Fi technology in a landmark project between tech giants Microsoft and D-Link.

This new project, announced by D-Link chairman John Hsuan as part of the D-Link Future Strategy, has a bold vision to fill some of the world’s greatest technology gaps with cutting edge connectivity in underdeveloped areas.

The partnership between Microsoft and D-Link has a goal to empower people to achieve more and this development will offer communities an exciting and enriching digital future.

After years of research and development by Microsoft and its partners, phase one of the mission will roll out in a US state with the possibility of adding three countries for future stages.

Today the fastest wi-fi standard is 802.11ac with 11ad already announced by some manufacturers while Super Wi-Fi will be based on 11af which will see a huge leap in range.


“Microsoft was founded on the idea of democratising access to technology,” said Paul Garnett, Director of Affordable Access Initiatives, Microsoft.

“Microsoft’s current mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

“For that reason, Microsoft is working with public and private sector partners around the world to develop technologies and business models that will make it easier for billions more people to affordably get online.

D-Link ANZ MD Graeme Reardon

“In furtherance of these goals, Microsoft is excited to be working with D-Link on developing Super Wi-Fi technologies and an ecosystem leveraging lower-frequency TV white spaces.
D-Link Australia and New Zealand managing director Graeme Reardon says the company is excited to be working on connecting more of the world in the future.

“D-Link sees ourselves at the very heart of this kind of technical innovation and development,” he said.

“We also acknowledge that we have a role to play in helping all countries and future generations better connect.

“Our goal is to use all of our 30-year’s experience and expertise and our global footprint to help deliver Super Wi-Fi as a technological platform for growth to the worlds underdeveloped regions.”