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LG unveils its latest range of ultra-wide monitors and mini projectors


LG has unveiled is new line up of monitors and mini projectors designed to display the content from your PC and mobile devices on a much larger scale.

With an impressive line-up of TVs, LG knows a thing or two about making a display and it has brought those smarts to the new monitor and mini projector range.

There are three ranges of LG’s new monitors that offer gamers, designers, editors a high quality display and extra screen real estate.

The LG MiniBeam projectors are small in size but they can still beam a huge picture in high definition.

They are ideal for presenters and sales people who can take what ever is on their laptop or smart devices and project them on a blank wall or on a screen.

The mini projectors also offer enough quality for users to watch their movies on a grand scale as well.

The LG curved monitor can be configured in a number of ways
The LG curved monitor can be configured in a number of ways

 LG CURVED (34UC87M) – $1,699

With a 21:9 aspect ratio this model provides a lot more space to with the curved screen providing comfortable viewing.

Users run multiple programs at the same time, a simple drag or double click and the window will nestle itself comfortably in one of four areas.

And if the 21:9 ratio and four-split screen isn’t enough it’s possible to set-up multiple 34UC87M monitors together in 2×1, 2×2 and 2×3 configurations.

The LG UM67 gaming monitor
The LG UM67 gaming monitor

 LG ULTRAWIDE GAMING (29UM67 / 34UM67) – $499/$749

This 21:9 aspect ratio will provide a whole new outlook on your games with a wider field of view so you can stay one-step ahead of your opponents.

This monitor comes with AMD FreeSync software to reduce screen tearing, stuttering and cut down on input latency which all contribute to a better gaming experience

The UM67 series also has other game-dedicated features including Black Stabiliser, AMD FreeSync and Dynamic Action Mode to provide an edge to gamers where every split second counts.

LG 4K UHD (27MU67) – $799

The IPS (in-plane switching) display has 4K UHD resolution to deliver premium picture quality with a wide viewing angle for the ultimate immersive gaming experience.

The 10-bit colour IPS display renders true to life and natural colours and also comes fitted with AMD FreeSync software, Black Stabiliser and Dynamic Action Mode.

The LG MiniBeam range of projectors is made up of four models – the PH300, PW800, PW800G and the PF1500G.

They can connect to a laptop or to your smartphone using an MHL cable.

Also onboard is Auto Vertical Keystone which means less fussing with getting the display right because it automatically corrects the vertical keystone error.

The LG PH300 MiniBeam projector
The LG PH300 MiniBeam projector

PH300 – $899

The smallest projector in the range, the PH300 still packs in plenty of features including high definition resolution (1280 x 720) and light source that will last for up to 30,000 hours.

It has a brightness of 300 lumen and can project a 100-inch picture. And it’s just 13.3cm long, 6.4cm wide and weighs just 430g.

And it has a built-in rechargeable battery that will run for up to two and half hours.

The PW800 and PW800G
The PW800 and PW800G

PW800G – $1,099, PW800 – $1,190

These MiniBeam projectors have a high definition WXGA resolution of 1280 x 720 with a brightness of 800 lumen and DLP high contrast ratio.

The PW800 also has a built in HD Digital TV tuner so you can plug in the aerial and watch your favourite programs on a screen size of 100-inches when projected from a distance of 3.25m.

Users can also enjoy their own content – videos, music and photos – through the USB port on the device.

The LG PF1500
The LG PF1500G

PF1500G – $1,999

The PF1500G can project full high definition 1920 x 1080 with a brightness of 1400 lumen and project an image up to 120-inches in size.

This is ideal for presentations and sales pitches by day and for enjoying a movie in full HD by night when connected to your source via HDMI.