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LG introduces Signature range of premium products at CES


LG has kicked off the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in stunning fashion with a new Signature range of products that includes the latest 4K OLED TV, a high tech refrigerator, washing machine and an air purifier.

LG has introduced the Signature brand extension to bring the company’s best technology and best designs together.

The design concept was to make the product appear more intuitive while maintaining a pure and clean look.



The LG Signature OLED TV is a leap forward in design with the company taking its OLED TV technology to the next level.

The screen looks like a floating sheet of glass that eliminates everything except the stunning picture quality.

LG has taken advantage of the fact that OLED (organic light emitting diode) doesn’t require a backlight with the Signature OLED TV display measuring just 2.57mm thick.

That’s the same thickness as four stacked credit card and less than half the thickness of a smartphone.

With the ability to control light at the pixel level, LG’s Signature 4K OLED TV is capable of generating absolute black as well as billions of dazzling colours.

This TV also has HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability which means it can display brighter brights and the darkest shadows so the content looks like reality to the human eye.

LG has partnered with Dolby Vision to successfully blend 4K with HDR technology.

On the audio side, the LG Signature 4K OLED TV also offers superb sound with speakers built into the television’s base along with the TV’s circuitry which helps to achieve the seemingly impossibly thin display.



LG’s latest Signature refrigerator adds some innovative features that are designed to make the product more intuitive, more efficient and more convenient.

Clad in stainless steel for more effective cold-air retention, the LG Signature refrigerator has taken its Door-In-Door technology a step further with the new Knock-On feature.

Demonstrating the LG Signature Refrigerator's Knock-On feature
Demonstrating the LG Signature Refrigerator’s Knock-On feature

A user simply has to tap the opaque black glass on the right door to make it instantly turn clear so they can see inside the fridge without opening the door.

This keeps the cold air inside the refrigerator instead of being let out every time someone opens the door and offers significant energy savings.

The new Auto Door feature can automatically open the refrigerator door using a sensor on the bottom of the product.

So if a person approaches the LG Signature Refrigerator with their arms full of groceries, all they need to do is trigger the sensor at the base of the fridge and the doors will magically open on their own.

The LG Signature Washing Machine controls are built into the glass door


LG has updated its Twin Wash machine and added the Signature touch with a sleek new design and even more capabilities.

Controls have been embedded on the glass door which can be opened with the slightest touch when yours arms are full of clothes to load into the washing machine.

The machine is actually two washing machines in one with the Side Kick pedestal at the base which allows users to run two cycles at the same time.

The LG Signature Washing Machine
The LG Signature Washing Machine

A smaller wash on the lower Side Kick and the main wash in the front loading unit.

There’s also an auto-dosing system to allocate just the right amount of detergent to each load.

It also has smart connectivity so users can receive notifications when loads are finished, monitor detergent levels, download wash cycles and track water and electricity use.



Clean air is something LG wants to provide for its customers with the Signature Air Purifier.

It has a transparent panel to make the air purification a visual experience as the Aqua Cyclone feature uses water to filter out chemicals and contaminants to bring the room to comfortable humidity levels.

The LG Signature Air Purifier can remove fine dust particles that are invisible to the naked eye with the user able to view the indoor air quality with a single glance of LG’s colour-coded indicator.

Also onboard is a semi permanent filter which can be removed, washed and reused for up 10 years to save time and money.

LG has not yet announced when these products will be released in Australia.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG