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Kogan is planning to offer competitively priced NBN plans

0 has extended its partnership with Vodafone Australia beyond its mobile network and will be offering fixed line NBN services to its many customers from next year.

The company will continue to offer competitive mobile plans which use the Vodafone network in 2017 and will on sell NBN services through Vodafone’s planned fixed line network which will be ready in 2018.

Kogan Mobile has enjoyed success thanks to plans and pricing that challenged the bigger players and offered customers value.

Kogan Mobile actually accounted for 4.2 per cent of’s profit in the six months ending December 2017.

This deal will extend the partnership across both mobile and fixed line services for another four years to 2022.

Under this agreement, will provide branding and marketing for competitively priced mobile plants and then turned their hands and offering competitive mobile broadband and NBN plans on the Vodafone fixed-line NBN network.

Vodafone will also provide network and customer service support.

“We are proud of the partnership between and Vodafone which represents the coming together of two challenger brands to deliver value and choice for customers,” David Shafer, executive director of, said.

“Kogan Mobile has delivered on its promise to save Aussies money, with tens of thousands of customers already making the switch.

“With low prices and an easy-to-use online platform, switching to Kogan Mobile is simple.

“Vodafone continues to invest heavily in its network –  meaning it is faster and broader than ever and improving every day.

“We are thrilled to now extend our partnership with Vodafone to enable to offer great new services in mobile broadband and fixed-line NBN at the incredibly low prices that Aussies have come to expect.

“We will be offering extremely competitive plans to save Aussies more of their hard-earned money.”

Customers can register their interest at