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Jawbone releases new UP3 and Move activity trackers


Jawbone has unveiled its latest wearable activity trackers including one with multiple sensors to provide even deeper analysis of our health.

The Jawbone UP3 wristband is the new hero product with the capability to provide in-depth information about every aspect of our health and wellbeing.

And the Jawbone Move is a new affordable entry-level model that can be worn as a clasp or as a watch.


The activity tracker has gone to the next level with the Jawbone UP3 at a time when the wearables market is exploding.

Jawbone has been a leader in this category with Australians logging 1.7 trillion steps, 140 million sleep nights and 180 million food items.

The Jawbone UP3 doesn’t look much different from the current UP24 model except for the fact that it is now held in place with a clip.


It has the typical high design quality but without the added bulk of a screen and would suit both men and women.

Under the hood is a multi-sensor platform which includes a new tri-axis accelerometer, heart rate and bioimpedance sensors as well as skin and ambient temperature sensors.

What this means is that the Jawbone UP3 can measure a true resting heart rate taken the moment you wake up.

This is a key indicator for overall heart health which can be tracked through the UP app like your other metrics including steps and sleep.

Sleep tracking also takes a step up with the new Jawbone UP3 now able to track REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and deep sleep for an even more in-depth charting of your rest patterns.

The device can also work out what sort of exercise you’re doing like running, walking and swimming, tennis and more.

As part of the UP app with the Jawbone UP3 will be Smart Coach – a system that can track your fitness and personalise the fastest course to achieving your health goals.

The Jawbone UP3 will be available this summer and will be priced at $229.99.



Priced at just $69, the Jawbone Move is an affordable fitness tracker that can captured detailed information about your activities and sleep as well as track your calorie intake through the companion app.

The tiny device which is smaller in diameter than a 20 cent coin, can be worn in a clasp attached to your clothing, on your pocket or belt or worn on your wrist like a watch with a special band.

The surface of the Jawbone Move has indicator lights to show the user what mode is being used with these same indicators also indicating hours and minutes so you can use it as a watch to tell the time.

And like earlier Jawbone UP bracelets it is made from durable material and can be worn in the shower in the pool and while exercising.

Also onboard is a battery that will last for up to six months so there’s no need to remember to charge the device every other day.


It connects wirelessly to your smartphone so you can easily see live tracking of your activities and your sleep on the UP MOVE app along with motivational personal challenges to keep you on track.

The Jawbone Move will be priced at $69 and will be available this month.