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A third of NBN customers wish they could switch back to their old service


It might come as no surprise that not everyone is happy with the NBN. Research has revealed that as many as a third of NBN customers wish they could switch back to their old service.

Finder conducted a survey among 958 Australians on the NBN resulting in 34 per cent saying they would go back to their pre-NBN service if they have the option.

There are numerous reasons for this with the most popular being reliability and speed.

Victorians lead the way in wanting to switch back to a non-NBN connection (40 per cent) followed by NSW (38 per cent) and Queensland (30 per cent).

The main reasons for wanting to switch back to an older Internet service was reliability and less dropouts (12 per cent), previous service was faster (10 per cent), previous service was better value (7 per cent) and previous service was cheaper (4 per cent) for a grand total of 34 per cent.

“The reality is that everyone will need to switch over to the NBN. Aussies generally have 18 months to migrate to the NBN before all copper and cable networks will be disconnected,” says Finder’s Angus Kidman.
“These figures suggest that many are disappointed with their connection, especially when comparing it to their previous service.

“While the NBN technology available at your address is out of your control, you can switch providers or opt for a faster speed tier if you’re unsatisfied with your NBN connection.
“If you are experiencing poor speeds, use a broadband speed test to check your connection. If you are unhappy with the results then it’s definitely time to contact your ISP, as well as potentially considering different providers.”

Here are some tips to help improve your connection.

  1. Do a speed test.Know where you’re coming from. The NBN has given customers the ability to choose a connection speed so if you’re not getting the speed you want, check your account and see what you’re actually paying for. Most Internet service providers (ISP) publish a realistic evening speed with their plans so, for example, if you’re paying for 50Mbps it might quote a figure of 40Mb as the typical evening speed.
  2. Choose the speed to suit your needs.If you live in a larger household with more people a faster plan would be better. A typical moderate user though, can get away with a 25Mbps plan.
  3. Check your hardware.The ISP supplied modem might not be the best model available. Check your speeds using wireless and also speeds while connected with an ethernet cable. If you’re getting faster speeds through the cable then you need to improve the modem/router.
  4. Shop around.The NBN does not limit us to one ISP. Customers can pick an ISP that delivers the best result. Try and ISP on a month-to-month basis until you find the one that delivers and then consider a contract.